Thursday, 22 June 2017



Hallo Everyone!

You might want to pay
a lot of attention to 
Louise Thomson's tutorial
today - she has given us
a trio of greetings cards

The fun starts here ...........

"Hi there!
Having been challenged  to create 
something using acetate and enamel
 I decided a clean and simple style would
 work really well. 

I selected a fairly basic set of resources
 to create three different clean and 
simple cards, suitable for lots of occasions.

For card number one

I used a square white card
 and die cut 'bright bubbles' from it. 

Using a steel ruler and a craft knife 
I sliced about an inch off the edge of the card

I then added a piece of acetate the 
same size as the original card front 
and added the die cut bubbles back in.

I blended a few bright distress inks onto 
white card and die cut the bright bubbles 
die again.

I used the coloured die cut pieces to fill
 in some of the holes on the card

I blended a little more ink on to white card,
 and cut out some lettering using another sizzix die.
I stuck these on to the edge of the acetate.

Finally, I finished the card with some dots of enamel.

For card number two

I used the sizzix alphabet dies to cut out 
the word 'celebrate' (For obvious reasons this has 
to be done with a few rolls through the big shot.

I backed them with a piece of acetate

I used some bright distress inks to create
 a rainbow effect panel.

With the rainbow panel cut out, I edged it 
with 3D foam mount tape 

and filled it with sequins and seed beads
then sealed it with a piece of acetate to 
create a shaker and stuck it to the
inside of the card as a surprise

To finish the front of the card I dotted 
some enamel accents around the lettering
 and using the point of my craft knife, 
I dragged out the enamel dots to create a 
splat effect.

For card number three

I sliced the edge off a square white card

Using more of my rainbow inked card 
I cut out the letters 'happy'

I replaced the missing piece of card with 
acetate and added a strip of white card back
 on to the very edge.

I stuck the lettering on to the acetate 
and stamped a birthday sentiment below

Finally, the card is finished off with some more
 lovely dots of enamel accents"

Materials List:

Distress inks - scattered straw, abandoned coral, wilted violet, lucky clover, mermaid lagoon.
Enamel Acents - Grape soda, Forget-me-not, Lemon Twist
Birthday stamp (by Craft work cards, similar one here)

Thank you very much Louise for
showing us how to make these 
 very effective cards

I feel a purchase coming on
those dies would be such a
useful addition to my stash..........!

'Til tomorrow

Mickie xx

Wednesday, 21 June 2017



Hi There!

If you are north of the equator 
then make the most of the daylight:
it is the longest day of the year!

Sorry, but for us it will from tomorrow
be all the way downhill to the shortest
day in December.  

Don't know about anyone else but I
feel that summer has only just

Here's Jane Castle with a really
delightful card to keep our spirits up

"For my project today I had a pretty
 good idea of what I wanted 
the finished card to look like 
and I learnt a few things along the way!

The first being how difficult embossed 
acetate is to photograph.....

To begin with I started with a 15cm x 15cm 
card blank which I placed on my cutting mat 
open with the fold at the top. 

I then measured 7cm down from 
the fold and cut the bottom part off. 

From the spare piece I measured 4cm,
 cut this part off and kept this safe with the card.

I then cut a strip wider than I needed 
from my heat resistant acetate and using 
various stamps from Tracey Scott's 01 stamp set 
and heat embossed the images using white EP.

Next using various colours of Ranger's Enamel Accents
I added colour to some of the circles.

I found that the Enamel Accents flowed/spread 
more on the acetate than they do on card stock, 
so not only do you not need to add quite 
as much as you would normally to a project 
it also doesn't stay as domed in the centre.

Using another stamp from the same set 
and Versa-Magic ink in Sage I stamped 
along the edges of the card that would 
frame the acetate insert. 

Happy Birthday was stamped in the same ink 
onto a spare piece of white card.

After deciding on the position of the acetate 
I also felt colour was needed behind the acetate.

Having roughly cut the acetate to size 
I found out that the Enamel Accents don't 
cut with a craft knife when on acetate!! 

Luckily I had enough spare acetate 
so I could avoid cutting through any areas 
of enamel.

I found the easiest way to attach the acetate 
to the card was to secure the acetate 
to my cutting mat with masking tape, 
place double sided tape on the card and then 
bring the card down onto the acetate.

I then trimmed the sides to match 
the size of the card.

Before securing the distress card to the 
inside of the card I lightly sanded the area that 
would be behind the acetate and stamped 
an image on the other side to show 
when the card was opened.

The front of the card was then decorated 
with the Enamel Accents.

I love the vibrant colours of the Accents 
and I can see many possibilities for 
using them; especially on Christmas projects------ 
Sorry I know we're only just getting into Summer!!"

Items Used

Ranger Wendy Vecchi Enamel Accents in Cactus Flower and Potting Soil
Ranger Enamel Accents in Classic Cherry and Caribbean Coast

Thank you Jane - glad to 
see you are thinking ahead too!

Don't worry folks we might yet
have a lot of summer to enjoy.

Of course for all of you in the southern
hemisphere - we hope your winter is
as mild as ours was........!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Song Challenge Winner

Song Challenge Winner

Hi there!

Here I am at long last with
the winners of the Song Challenges
for April and May!  

What with all the excitement of
the linky thingy taking on a mind
of its own and life in general it has
taken a moment or two but here 
I am now and all is well...........!

Without any more ado the winner

for April is ..............

drum roll .........................

Angel North 


and the winner for May is

Another drum roll.............



Congratulations to both
of you!!

Please email me at

so I can send you
your prizes 

Commiserations to everyone else
and I wish you better luck next time

In case anyone is wondering where
the Random Generator has gone
I have for quickness not printed out
his little boxes this time.

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Song Title Challenge

Song Title Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I have a thermometer on my craft wall
that came as a piece of advertising from
an electricity supplier many years ago.
It doesn't have numbers on it as such
just a band of colours ranging from
Ice Blue for Cold through to
Deep Orangey Red for Excess Heat
today it is at the top of the band ..
.......... dogs, cats, humans are all
lethargically looking for a shady spot.
The Seagulls on the other hand haven't
stopped! ...........Do they ever and why
do they have to make so much noise

It all contributes to this truly wonderful
world in which we live.  There's your clue
and it will be no surprise to you all to see
that this month's song challenge is:

What a Wonderful World

I see trees of green, 
red roses too. 
I see them bloom, 
for me and you. 
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world. 

I see skies of blue, 
And clouds of white. 
The bright blessed day, 
The dark sacred night. 
And I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. 

The colours of the rainbow, 
So pretty in the sky. 
Are also on the faces, 
Of people going by, 
I see friends shaking hands. 
Saying, "How do you do?" 
They're really saying, 
"I love you". 

I hear babies cry, 
I watch them grow, 
They'll learn much more, 
Than I'll ever know. 
And I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. 

Yes, I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. 

Oh yeah.

I don't know how many artists covered
this song but for me it will always be
Louis Armstrong

and here is Karen Gist's coaster:

To add a little spice to the mix I think
we'll have a challenge too, which is
for you to add the lines of the song
that inspired your picture

So to recap, your picture must include:
The name of the song
The name of the Artist 
The lines that inspired your picture

You have until midnight on 9th July to
add your picture via the link.
If the link goes awol, as it did last
month, do please email your work to me

and I will put it up for you

Look forward to seeing what
you all come up with

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 17 June 2017



Hallo Everyone!

Trust all is well in your
little corner of the craft world
Everything is good here
Mind you good weather is
always a help when it comes
to mood and inspiration .......

Speaking of which we have
Angela Radford with us today
and she has brought her new
Journal .........

 "Hi all, Angela here today to show you 
how I made this journal using one of the 
Punch Boards.

 I started by covering the paper with a
 Seth Apter stamp using his paints by Paper Artsy.

Using the envelope Punchboard I then made
 the pages to go into the journal

This must be the easiest and best envelope maker 
ever and I've used a few!

The punch even finishes off the corners for you.

 I was surprised how quickly I completed all of these.

My plan is to cover the pages with left-over 
samples from the projects I've done using 
Seth Apter products and use journalling
cards which will be kept inside the pockets 
with notes of what I've done.

The envelopes are so easy to complete, 
just fold along the score lines

Then stick the edges with glue, brilliant!

I made some small journal cards to fit in the envelopes.

 Next I needed to make the cover for my journal
 and cut the three pieces of card ready to start.

This is the card I used...recognise it? 
What do they say? "Waste not want not"! 

This is great card for journal covers. 
Just make your order from The Craft Barn 
and you may be lucky enough to receive one of these Lol!

Masterboard for the front cover using 
Seth Apter paint and a Brayer

Place the card in position and stick down.

You may remember I mentioned this before 
to score round the corners before folding over
 which gives a good clean finish

Glue down the corners and edges.

And this is what it should look like at this stage.

Take another piece of Masterboard and a 
slightly narrower piece of card for the centre
 and glue these together. Wrap round the centre,
 cord or elastic for as many pages as you 
wish to store in the journal

Turn this over and glue down to the back 
of the journal cover.

Next I stamped several images on left-over 
Masterboard, coloured card and shrink plastic.

 Now you are ready to start decorating 
the front cover. I attached a cord at 
the same time which would 
be used as the fastening.

The flap of the envelope is used to insert the page
 making it easy to take it out if you wish to work on it.

And here is the journal completed. 
I included a few little gems, Tim Holtz embellishments 
and shrink plastic pieces made with Seth Apter stamps.

Spine view.

More samples added but lots more will follow I'm sure. 

Happy crafting, Angela xXx"

Products Used:

Seth Apter stamps:

A truly super project Angela
thank you.

So Everyone; have you been inspired 
to make a journal?  

This you will all agree that there is a 
lot more to any of the Punchboards
than first imagined .......

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx